About Us

Connect Infra was founded in 2009 with the objective of bringing new and innovative technologies and processes to the fields of road infrastructure, renewable energy and water treatment.


Over the years, the company has stood true to its vision and made significant developments in our Products and Services. Our projects have spanned local and international markets and Government projects.


Connect Infra’s vision is to be at the forefront of technological innovations in all our areas while adhering to our core directives of delivering sustainable, eco-friendly, cost-effective and simplified solutions.


The company has a strong foundation backed by an old Business Family & International Partners with new age thinking. We like to think outside the box and deliver ingenious solutions to each customer while also being cost conscience.


Connect Infra provides road infrastructure solutions, with end-to-end execution capabilities. Our core principal is to provide the customer with a road surface which lasts a long time and is financially viable.


ConnectEnergy Infra is our renewable energy arm for solar and wind energy deployments. The company also undertakes design and consultation services for MEP, STP and Green Building certification (LEED certification).