Connect Infra Research Pvt Ltd has a primary mandate of focusing on developing new processes and product innovation in Road and Infrastructure technology. Keeping this in mind, Connect Infra’s primary offering is Magnafix. Magnafix roads have high compressive and flexural strength in order and can be designed as per load conditions, traffic, geographical location and weather conditions.


These physical characteristics combined with high quality waterproofing and soil-stabilization procedures ensure that our roads have a longer life with minimal maintenance requirements. You as a customer can expect the same workability and installation processes as concrete, to achieve better strength and physical properties at lower costs. We pride ourselves in having the design and production technology that use sustainable and low carbon footprint processes.


Benefits of Magnafix:

  •  High quality Cost effective roads
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Easy installation
  •  Sustainable and low carbon footprint
  •  High CBR value
  •  Environment friendly and green compliant


What is Magnafix?

Magnafix is a cost effective, durable and quick fix paving solution with multiple applications based on the customer’s requirement. It is our own blend of soil cement that is an excellent solution for dust control and soil stabilization. Once applied to the road it immediately provides a smooth and firm driving surface that requires minimal maintenance, reduces dust and is completely environmentally friendly.8% – 10 % local soil can be used to achieve CBR values of 60 – 80. For private properties, estate farms i.e. secondary and rural roads a Magnafix unsealed road will be the end product. For National Roads or Express Highways a Magnafix unsealed road will play the vital role of the sub-base. The road can then accommodate a Bitumen or Concrete top as required.